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During that time, American was obsessed with muscle cars and automobile advertisements commonly featured illustrated artworks offering big adventures. So how do you make a small automobile stand out from its big and muscled competitors? That’s how DDB came up with a surprisingly different advertising campaign. Instead of using art illustrations, they opted for a black and white picture. Instead of filling the page with colorful backgrounds, they left it blank. And to further emphasize the Volkswagen beetle, they placed the small picture at the corner of the page.

What made their campaign so successful was that they took the initiative to understand their consumers. By doing so, they were able to strike a nerve which caused their consumers to feel some sort of connection with their product. They were able to form a relationship that provided the motivation they need to make their campaign convincing to the audience.

Finally, I showed him the crucial slide. Through the months of interaction with Raju one thought that hit me was that he rarely got in to the details of the running of an enterprise. All his statements were a bit philosophical and holistic. He also tended to go off on a tangent sometimes. To give him a branding that he would be comfortable donning I recommended that he be positioned as a Visionary.

If you are a member of the union you are not allowed to work non-union jobs. Therefore you should not join the union until you are assured of continued, steady employment in union situations.

Back in the day, in simpler times, the commercials you saw on the networks were from big, national companies-Proctor and Gamble, Kelloggs, Ford, IBM, etc. And the commercials were national or regional in scope. They also ran for many months or even years. So you had big companies using big advertising agencies to prodce commercials to play on big networks for a big audience. And the voice actors (and on camera performers) realized they had to have a big voice to survive in that arena so: big Unions! The unions negotiated with the ad agencies to set fair rates for the performers and they insisted on two key items. Really good pay. and residuals.

Lesson #3 – Change the process to win. I am watching out the window as people scurry on the streets. The whole world is moving faster today; the Internet, news, businesses and people in general moving faster and faster.

I’ve been in advertising and marketing all my adult life and I love to hear how other people market. I’m always asking my potential customers how they market and i’m quick to offer tips even when they don’t include selling them my product/service. I ask if i can call back to see how things are going – ask the best days/times to do this. When you do call back, be sure you adhere to their preferred call-back times.